AJ Academy for Research and Development

About Us

About Us

A registered trust, AJ Academy has its headquarters at Raichur, Karnataka. The Academy is headed by Muhammad Abdullah Javed as its Director who did his schooling from Naya Madrasa Raichur, then graduated in Electronics from LVD College, Raichur. He has two masters’ degrees in, Nuclear and Energy Physics from Gulbarga University and Sociology from KSOU Mysore, and has completed courses pertaining to Arabic, Islamic and Comparative Religious Studies from Aligarh. He has around 50 books to his credit and has published articles on various issues in national and international magazines / forums.


Apart from exclusive efforts for the educational development of Hyderabad Karnataka Region, the Academy is working in collaboration with educational institutions / organizations in and around the State.

Our Vision

The academy with its lofty vision will be a leader in preparing professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing global society.

Our Mission

The mission of AJ Academy is to help prepare outstanding educators, scholars and researchers, to advance the profession of education, as broadly defined, through research on science, education and the art of teaching and learning. The academy also aims at the application of practical hands on experiments, the effective uses of technology, development of leadership and vibrant educational policy.


Director's Message

Research has always been a centralized part of man’s vision. Inquisitiveness about the past and the farsightedness about dealing with the present have led to the inventions and discoveries. The advantages of the same have given a new definition to human lives. The advancement in different walks of life, the innovations in the field of science and technology, demands serious efforts.

The intellectual strata and the common should have a vibrant partnership to ensure sustainable developments of the society. The younger generations should have not just an exposure of this camaraderie but they need to be nurtured with mutual and integrated efforts. It is not the dearth of resources that causes a nation’s fall; rather it is the lack of mutual coordination, stagnation of intellectual activism, degradation of humane values and disliking the Creator’s likings proves to be wrath on every single mode of individual and collective developments. 

We believe in rejuvenation of thoughts and actions to make India of our dream. Let the generation next feel pleasure in remembering the past and honor in looking far beyond the future…..and firmly believes in “knowledge leads action, action follows knowledge”.   

Muhammad Abdullah Javed