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Science has always been an instrumental part of our social and academic conscience.  It directly relates to almost all that we do and that we need. From personal to collective affairs, most of the things get accomplished by virtue of scientific inventions. We can say, the science has made life easy. Therefore, for a society, the advancement in the field of science serves as an indicator to gauge the true color of its progress. It reflects an advanced education system, teacher leaders, brainy students, honest institutions, and of course encouragement at all levels.

But the fact is that we, as Indian feel that there is lot to be improved to match with scientific temperament and advancement prevailing at international levels. After India’s independence we have seen many ups and downs. Apart from India’s healthy progress on many fronts, the field of science and technology warrants our attention with highs of success in space exploration to the lows that comprise of certain grey areas, like:

  • According to World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report India appears at No 40 in the ranking of 137 countries.
  • India is at the 52th position on the Global Innovation Index, according to study released by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
  • India never took part after 2009 in PISA (Performance of International Student Assessment) a worldwide study that is being conducted by Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to evaluate the educational systems by measuring scholastic performance of the students in Mathematics, Science and Reading.
  • In the years 1930, 1968 and 2009, three Indians have won the Noble Prize in the field of Science, of them only CV Raman was citizen of India, rest of the two were foreign citizens of Indian origin. Since 1930 no Indian has won the Noble Prize in Science and 90 years have passed……how long do we have to wait for another Noble Award for India?
Scientific Research and Development

With this noble thought, AJ Academy is organizing Scientific Research Based Events for the students of 4th to 10th grade under the banner of Science Fair. To materialize the teachers are being given scientific orientation that help them guide their students for research-based projects. The Science Fair is a humble attempt for the same, with a firm belief that the “Human lives completely rely on the power of their imagination…let us provide wings for our younger generation to fly high……